One of my favorite animals are cats. I actually use to have one. I like cats because of their cuteness and abilities. I think that cats are one of the most amazing animals ever because of their intelligence and curiosity.

The Traitor’s Game

The Traitor’s Game by: Jennifer A Nelson is a book I have been reading for the past weeks. The theme is action packed with violence and slight romance. The plot is where the main character, Kestra needs to betray her cold hearted family to help Trina and Simon, the supporting characters to get the olden blade and kill her own family. Kestra struggles to get along with them but manages to do so. Together, they go on amazing adventures, find out all sorts of secrets, and more. Kestra’s decision is hard for her to make, because once she betrays her family, she will have nowhere to go. The Traitor’s Game is filled with traitors, as you could tell, Kestra’s choices is not the peaceful choice, but the right choice. In the end, nobody wins in the traitor’s game. The setting is in her family’s castle and there is no exact time, but it is somewhere in the past. Overall, I think that this is a very interesting book, even though some parts are boring, I still like the plot.


Butterflies are my favorite insects because of their cool patterns and life style. They travel across the world because of climate. That is a very hard journey for them, because it is a long way through tons of weather and predators. My favorite butterfly is the glass wing butterfly, because of its clear and unique wings. Butterflies have unusual ways of protecting them selfs, like the monarch butterfly eat milkweed as a caterpilllar, and carries that bad taste when a butterfly, so predators would avoid them because they taste bad. The riceroy butterfly looks just like the monarch butterfly, so predators would mistake them as monarchs, and avoid them. The world of butterflies is one of the most interesting and memorable worlds, and there is still more to learn about them.