My ISR Book!

The book I am reading is called Need. My book is by Joelle Charbonneau.

This book switches points of view a lot, so the locations are different. All the locations in this book are different people’s houses. This book has over ten characters, but the main character in this book is named Kaylee Dunham.

This book is about a discovered website called “NEED”. The main question the website asks its users is “What do you need”? When Kaylee gets invited to join NEED as a user, she enters what she needs into the website, and kidney transplant for her brother. But the need website doesn’t just give you what you want, you have to do something in return. Suddenly, more and more people on the block are joining the website and entering their requests. But for every request given some bad deed will have to be done. So when the bad deeds are being done, more and more people are getting and feeling guilty, because that wasn’t what they wanted to do in exchange for their need. But they have to, if they want their need. And while Kaylee investigates the website and what they are trying to do, shocking discoveries change everyone’s thought on the website. And when the worst deed is done, that’s when they realize what the NEED is really trying to do……..


First Post!

Why guinea pigs make the best pets……..

They are extremely social and have a lot of energy. They squeak and purr when you walk into the room, but also while your gone, they hide in corners and hideaway homes. They are kind of like dogs, they love you, they play, and they can be on a leash. They also only need to be fed, and have their cage cleaned every week. You only need to bathe them three times a year. They live in cages so you don’t need to provide extra space, and they almost never bite or scratch.

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