At my school, we have school plays. In my 2 years of being here, I have been in 3 out of 3.
These were my roles:
2013 The Little Mermaid Jr.: Seagull
2014 A Walk in the Woods: Candlestick Maker (and designed program/poster design)
2015 Lady Pirates of the Caribbean: Carmelita (Lady Pirate) (designed 2 different program/poster designs used both)

Later on I’ll go into detail of LPC, and write another short one about this years accomplishments. But I don’t want to brag, I just want people to know the stuff I do.

Solo and Ensemble part 2

I walked back into the cafeteria. With my music from my solo spread out around the table, I began to practice. There was still the tricky trill from D-C and to C-D-E, but I kept trying. My friends kept coming by from 10:35ish to when I was about to leave 11:05. I then grabbed my music and my flute and went back to the room containing Judge 2.

“Alright! You’re going to go in after this gentleman here, ok?” the nice lady at the door said. The boy that had been in the room left, letting the other kid in. Nothing was happening. No sounds. Finally the Judge left the room to go to the restroom. When she came back, the boy started. He finished pretty quickly and that meant that it was my turn.

I walked into the room and said hi. “I recognized YOU!” said Judge 2. “Whenever you’re ready!” So I began. Before I had played, I knew that I was going to mess up on the trill I was practicing earlier, and I did, but I tried! I also messed up a bit on the trill from A to Bb, but I don’t think she noticed. The whole time I was playing, I saw out of the corner of my eye that Judge 2 kept bobbing her head to the beat of my music. 4 measures before the end I tripped up, but managed not to laugh. At last! It was over!

“Ha ha! I know what you were thinking! It was near the end! Well, good job. You play with a nice clear sound. Well done!” Judge 2 told me afterwards. I thanked her and exited the room. When I went outside I saw my mom.

“How did it go? When I looked inside, I saw the Judge bobbing her hair up and down while you were playing! It was awesome!” she greeted me. I told her about how I had been right about messing up on that trill, but we both laughed. I went into the cafeteria again to gather up my case, but decided to go check the score for our Ensemble. Sure enough, it was up there! We got an………………………

Excellent! That was an amazing feeling seeing it on there after fretting about it for so long. (30 minutes.) Although that score was up, my Solo wasn’t up yet, and we had to go, so I asked one of my friends to tell me what I got.

They never found out, so I sent my teacher an email, I was so scared! The reply finally came back: You received a rating of Excellent! Good job!
Yay! Another Excellent!

Solo and Ensemble Part 1

“Thank you! Now you may go into the cafeteria to warm up!” said the perky lady at the check-in desk. So into the cafeteria I went. I put my flute together, put my music, the Theme From A New World Symphony, up top, gathered my group, and started playing. Since I am 1st chair flute I had to signal when to start and when to end. After about 1/2 an hour, we gathered our music and headed for the playing room. The wait outside was nerve wracking. “Alright girls! You can go in now.”

Always one with manners, when we got inside I said hallo. Our judge (Judge 2) said hallo back. I took in a big breath, signaling everyone to start their test note. My part (part one) played an E while the other part (part two) played a C. Then I dipped my flute down signaling to stop. I took in another deep breath, and we begin to play.

On the last note, a low E, I pulsed to 5 and dipped down my flute so stop. The judge looked up and she smiled. She gave us some compliments and said that she really liked our piece. Then we exited the room.

Come back for part 2!!!


For English class, we’ve been reading the book The Giver, by Lois Lowry, and learned that in their world (or time) they don’t have color.

Look at this picture:


That’s in color. Now let’s see it as how the people livening with Jonas would see this cute little baby:


Different, right? Color gives everything it’s feeling, it’s mood, it’s liveliness. Think of living in a world without color. No blue sky, green trees, yellow school busses. It would all be black and white. Boring. I would so much rather live in a world with color, being able to see the different colors of a rainbow, drawings of multicolored paintings, even electric colors wouldn’t be electric. Being able to see colors, it’s just really amazing. Think of not seeing your dog or cat as a nice orange or brown, but seeing them black and gray. Come to think of it, they didn’t HAVE animals in The Giver.

But just remember, being able to see color, it’s a miracle. You see it everywhere, but don’t really think of it. But just think of what we call ‘color’ being taken away. That would change everything.

Do YOU have any thoughts on the book, The Giver? COMMENT!!!

Solo and Ensemble

Short post today.

This Saturday we are doing our Solo and Ensemble contest for band. It’s kind of self explanatory. Some kids play a solo for the judges, but everybody has to do a group song or ensemble. Since this hasn’t happened yet, I can’t say much yet. But for next week my post will be about how it went, just like my post: District Band Auditions (you should go see it!)

So to recap: competition (sort of) on Saturday and the REAL post next week.

Until we meet again.

Basketball— Knockout

I really feel like I have to do this post. It’s not as important to some people, but I feel as if my whole gym class wants me to write this.

On Tuesday we were playing Knockout in gym. Knockout is where there is a line of kids lining up in front of a basketball hoop. There are two basketballs, which the first two people have. The guys shot from the 3 point line while us girls threw from the free throw line. You’d try to make it in the basket. If you’re behind someone you try to get them out by making a basket. This is what you do for the whole game, until only one person is left.

I decided to play on Tuesday, along with the majority of my class. Coach Navaro also decided to play. Some people made it on in their first try while others took a few more. Some people got out in the first few rounds, but I was still playing.

A bit later in I was still the only girl playing. So was Coach. Swish. I kept on making it on my first shot. I’m not really that good at basketball, but this was Knockout. At the end, after 20 hard minutes of playing, it was just the Coach and I. Swish I made it in. Swish Coach echoed back. Again I shot. But I missed! Coach shot and also missed. I made it in and went back to the free throw line, sweat running through my long hair,and shot. I made it before the Coach! I had won! I’ve NEVER won ANYTHING before, not even bingo!

This was a TRUE event from my life. If you don’t believe me, then just ask anyone in my gym class. It was an amazing feeling because nearly everyone that had gotten out was cheering for me.

Do YOU have any Basketball or Knockout stories? Comment!


This Saturday was a doozy.

In the morning we went to Zilker Park for Its My Park Day for Girl Scouts. We went to the Children’s Garden-we clipped inner sea plants, picked weeds, trimmed trees, and raked leaves for 3 hours along with moving around pecan molch. My back and legs may never be the same again!

Then I got to go home for 5 minutes to get ready for the BCE Carnival. I got to play my flute in front of little strangers! We did 5 songs 2x in a row.

Around this time, my brother Greg decided to go inside a GIANT HAMSTER BALL OF DOOOOOOOM!!!!!! He was crying and Dad was feeling around his left arm. I said to my friend Nishi, and she can be my witness, “I think my brother just broke his arm.” I should’ve run over, but just then we were going to start. Later on Greg and Dad disappeared towards the middle. Then it was over.

Later Mom told Mitch and I that they were in the hospital and Greg was getting an X-Ray. Afterwards we got news that he had not broken but SHATTERED his humerus and that he had to get pins in his arm. 🙁 We couldn’t go see him because we had to do our stations at the carnival.

I got to man the Mini Golf game. There was a ramp going up the green, and a hole in the middle in the top. You got three shots to make it in. Greg had made it in 3x in a row before his arm thing. Some people came and made it in, like Duncan, Mitch’s friend stayed there a while at first, with his older brother Alex (6th grader at my school). Two people managed to hit the ball THROUGH THE FENCE (I don’t know how). Then Varun’s little sister came.

She came up and I asked if she wanted to try. I gave her the putter and she asked, “How do you hold it?” I showed her how to hold her hands up, then bent them down a bit, and curled them around the putter. She missed the first 2xs, then I helped her and bent over her and helped her swing. We made a straight shot!

Then my shift became over and Grace and Chloe went into the GaGa pit. I almost DIED on the way out- I tripped on the little step on the way out. Then Chloe wanted to go on the TeaCups. We waited in line; then Anu went up on stage and started to play Shake It Off. I was singing along so Grace made me go up on stage and I did! I came in around the middle of the song, but I sang all the way through.

Afterwards I cashed in my tokens for: 15 lemon heads, 6 tootsie rolls and a rubber frog (for Greg), and a golden bracelet. Mitch had earned me all of the tokens. Then off to the hospital we went. We saw Greg with his arm on an ice pack under a blanket lying on the bed. We watched as they wrapped up his arm in a mini splint; Mom and Dad had to do some paper work. Greg told us how it happened.

“I was in a Giant Hamsterball, and I was going to fast. It was on the little blow up tracky thing, and I ran into the end wall, put my arms out, and heard my arm pop. So, yeah.”

Then we loaded him into Dads car and he and Dad went to the real hospital. We went home for about 4 hours, then went to go see him and bring him home. We waited in the waiting room for 30 minutes hearing other kids crying. (That was really sad). Then he finally came down in a pink wheelchair (he just wanted me to put in the pink). Mom and I went to go bring the car. We came back driving it and the lady with Greg helped him into the car. I sat with him in the back, Mitch in the middle, Mom driving, and Dad went to his car to go get Greg’s prescription.

To put Greg’s arm back together, he had to breathe in anesthetic gas that “smelled like the inside of a beach ball”.

“I gagged 5x.”

This procedure left him with no voice, so when I let him lie his head in my lap, he only nodded in answer to everything. Oh, he got 3 pins in his arm, just so you know.

On the way back we saw 5 police cars, 2 fire trucks, and an ambulance at UT. They blocked off a whole street! Can someone please tell me what happened?

When we got home it was 10. We had to help him get situated, up the stairs, cut the other sleeves of the shirts Mitch used when he broke his right arm in October (Greg shattered his left humerus in a giant hamster ball, Mitch broke straight through his radius and ulna playing soccer). Then we worked out a way for him to get assistance during the night from Mom and Dad. When this was all over it was 11. That was when we went to bed.

Do YOU have any broken arm stories? Comment!!!!

Image by Me this morning

Book Fair

Books books everywhere! Hard covers, soft covers, case covers all around.

The theme this year was the OCEAN. A big, gray, probably paper mâché whale decorated one whole wall, along with lots of blue construction paper to make the ocean. Streamers, a bech sign, and balloon octopi decorated the door the signify Here’s the Book Fair!

There was a variety of different books, such as for little kindergarteners, up till about 8th grade reads. Some were ‘young author’ books, created by kids such as How to Get a Girlfriend.

One of the books there was Cooking With Coke
(I’m sorry, I don’t know how to underline titles on my iPad). Looking inside you find recipes fir all sorts of different things, like chile, chicken, pork, and desserts that you can make with coke. The cover is a giant coke bottle.



A beach, water and sand, and grilled corn on the cob make up the most fabulous vacation to Spain.

Beaches are a spectacular place. The water is warm and blue. The sun is up.the wet sand squishes between your toes while the foamy water laps up the beach, depositing and dragging away shells. As you look around and see the BEST CORN EVER.

Served on it’s husk, it’s been grilled to perfection; charred on some kernels, but just the right amount to give it a nice crunch. Salt sprinkled evenly.  When you bite in, juice sprays all over your face. Take off your glasses!

Walk around in the sand; the water will tickle your toes. You look down and see that all you have left is the inedible part of the corn left.Walking along the beach with corn would definitely make your day.