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We used to live in Colorado before we moved to Texas last year. I would like to tell y’all about our backyard using IMAGERY. See if you can actually see my backyard. If so comment!

Our house used to be HUGE. It had a basement and really big rooms. When you went to our basement, there was a big glass sliding door that went outside. Outside the door there was a green and white striped swing. It’s been battered up through time, but it still swung. Then you would see a little garden of sorts next to a staircase off of the balcony from the kitchen to the right. Underneath the stairs, there were big, green, leafy plants next to a path of round, pink, jewel incrusted stones.

On the right of these there is a crooked path in front of a window from the basement. In between the little stones there are little yellow flowers always trying to blossom. Behind the path there are 2 wooden crates filled with dead grass and wasp nests. Behind the wasp nests there is a light and dark green bush concealing a fence.

To the left, you would find a LONG flint stone path leading up the hill towards a side door to the garage. On the way on your left you would see many bushes and a giant square of little squares of flint on which we used to put a play house. In between the rocks there were always little plants attempting to grow between the crevices. This was followed by the bushes. My favorite one was a purple bush that bloomed with pink coney flowers. Growing with/around/on that bush was a little green vine with beautiful dark purple flowers. Then there is are two little chubby bushes with yellow flowers with bees always buzzing about. Behind these bushes is a huge light and dark green bush that was 3 feet wide. After those bushes there is a sharp turn to the left and there are stairs up the hill.

On the left there is a little platform with a metal pole and an old black grill. To the right there is a tree stump of what used to be a cherry tree until all of the adults within a 3 house radius decided to cut it down. That stump is then followed by tons of rocks to a splintery wooden gate to the front yard. Right next to the fence is a side door to the garage.

If you don’t follow the paths and go straight forward from the basement, you see 4 Aspen trees, one of them is dead. This dead tree is what makes the yard full of little Aspen saplings. Next to the Aspen trees on the right there are little bushes that grow to be about 5-6 feet tall in the summer/fall. Just don’t put your fingers into the branches because you’ll get hundreds of nearly invisible splinters!

Next to these Aspens on the left there are 2 pine trees concealing a power box. Both groups of trees had tons of rocks underneath them. Once there was a family of ducklings living under the Pine trees! Next to the Pine trees on the left there are itty bitty little bushes that produce purple flowers with yellow centers. When these dry out, they have tons of little seeds inside and when you shake them they sound like maracas.

When you go out of the basement and look to the right there are mini trees, some of which have some little white blossom bunches. Underneath one there is a broken bird feeder with seeds strune along the rocks that are underneath all trees. To the left of the trees there is where we located a playground that had wood chips underneath it. The playground its self always had spiders or wasps floating on it. When it rained a DEEP puddle would form on the bottom of the slide.

I hope you were able to see my backyard! If enough ask I can type about the way to the park and the amazing structures.

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2 thoughts on “Colorado yard

  1. I have sooooo many memories of our backyard! You were not even one year old when we moved there and you used to roll on the grass and chase butterflies. The view of the lakes and mountains was beautiful. The change of seasons was spectacular. From the green of the tress, to yellows, reds, golds, to no leaves, to snow, snow and more snow, to lovely flowers everywhere and then green again. We did piles of leaves during the Fall and we would jump on them and simply had a blast.

    I remember all the birthdays, parties and get togethers we did there. From Moms Club to Werner Elementary, to chili cook off with live music… Even when you started kindergarten we had your WHOLE entire class over, siblings, parents and even the principal and your teacher made it! The huge playground was hit with all the children.

    Opening the gate to go to the park was great too. We biked, walked, explore, and even ice skate on the frozen lakes. We even biked to your tennis lessons or to school! Do you remember going sledding with daddy to Volcano Hill?

    I hope the people that live there now enjoy the backyard the way we did!

  2. I can indeed see your backyard. You’ve given us a great sense of why you loved it so much. I’m glad you carry a vision of it around in your memory and in your heart.

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