Being Sick

Being sick isn’t fun. At all. But the worst thing about being sick is being behind. Just after 1 day of being sick I had to get 2 copies of separate notes and started to work on them uncertainly.

Plus being sick isn’t comfortable. Your always too hot with 1 layer or too cold with 4 layers plus a jacket or too thirsty after drinking a gallon of water or hungry after eating a whole box of Saltines—there’s no silver lining. I even missed part of our trip to the Texas Stars hockey game in choir, but at least I got to sing with my scratchy dry throat before I left the stadium.

On the bright side I get to watch some of my favorite movies on Netflix! And I get to be with my dogs and family for a longer time. And I get to wear my Ugg slippers and Snuggie to lie bed.

So maybe being sick isn’t so bad?


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One comment on “Being Sick
  1. Mom says:

    I’m very glad you are feeling better!

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