Five Items

The five items you take on a deserted island really tell you about someone’s personality. Some people would take essentials for them to survive. Some people would take the comforts of life to be happy.

I would take:

  • Someone else.

I get lonely and being alone for too long would drive me crazy.

  • A salt water filter.

I’m assuming that the island would be surrounded by salt water, and I would need something to drink.

  • A weight lifting set.

Since I’m gonna be on the island for a while I could use the time to build that muscle.

  • Live shrimp in a bucket with little holes on top.

Since I’m gonna need to provide food for my self ,and I do like fish, I could start to eat fish as my main source of nutrition.

  • A portable fan with batteries.

I need air conditioning. If it’s an island out in the Caribbean air conditioning will be an essential. I also don’t like to be sweating my brains out all the time.


What would you take?



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One comment on “Five Items
  1. Dad says:

    I love this. But you need to proofread a little more. Great writing.

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