Winter is the best season. The cold air, the darkness (which is great for sleep), and the holidays! No season beats winter.

After the sweat of fall and summer the cold air is a blessing. Now when you run in the winter there’s no sweat! Cool air is also relaxing. Unless it’s too cold. The nice coolness can really get your brain moving and I’ve had great ideas sitting outside on the cool patio.

Soon after a long day the sun sinks under the horizon and makes way for the moon. But the moon rises earlier than normal. And that night there’s none of that light at 10:00pm that creeps by your curtains and keeps you up for an extra hour. Ugh. I hate that. I love the darkness at night ,and being able to wear layers to bed.

After you wake up well rested you realize you don’t have school! The relief washes over you as you drift back to sleep. And this Monday we actually have off!

And all this cheer in only 1 jam-packed season. Winter is the best season.

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2 comments on “Winter
  1. Mrs. Bridges says:

    I am not a fan of winter. I love summer when it gets hot and the sun is shinning bright in the sky. I love water sports which is probably why I enjoy the summer season.

  2. AustinC6 says:

    I like how you describe winter in this.

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