Masks can be creepy, funny, scary or even non-existing. As you can see, masks can be worn in different ways.

One way masks can be worn is literally. For example: Halloween, Mardi Gras, jobs, or superheroes. On Halloween masks are usually scary or creepy going from clown to ghosts. On Mardi Gras the masks are often gold, purple, and green, symbolizing faith, justice, and power. The masks either cover only eyes or whole faces. For jobs firefighters wear masks when dealing with smoke and surgeons use masks for sanitary reasons. People wear masks to be someone else.

On the other hand, some masks are not literal but rather figurative. People, agents, and actors all wear figurative masks. People such as friends, family, or even you, may wear masks. For example: if you get in a fight with your mom but since you want the (insert here) you smile and go along with it even if you’re furious. Secret or double agents may wear figurative masks to take on a new identity or personality. Actors also wear masks when they take on a role and have to be convincing. Kinda like the agents. I think wearing a mask in the mom situation is hypocritical.

Either real or fake, everyone has worn a mask at one point or another.

What masks do you wear?

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