For this year’s Lent, I decided to give up one of God’s greatest gifts, chocolate.

First off, giving up chocolate is easier said then done. I first heard of one of my friends giving up chocolate one year and thought I’d give it a shot. My second day I almost broke my lent by eating chocolate cookie dough ice cream. It took all my might to try and not eat an Oreo. Before my journey of lent I had my favorite chocolate bar, Cadburys. I personally like Cadburys chocolate more since they use more milk when they make the chocolate than Hersheys.

Next, I had attempted to try a challenge of this sort a couple years ago and failed misarably. I tried to give up biting my nails ( I have grown out of this) and it was practically impossible for me.

When I was younger I didn’t always give up something. But now that I’m older I feel like I should give up something more. Chocolate has been a really tough part of this part two weeks.

What did you give up for lent, if any?

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