Rice University

When I first went to one of the most humid cities in Texas, I was looking forward to seeing my cousin but I didn’t know how great the college he’s in is. From the Fondren Library, to the famous statue of William Marsh, Rice was soon to be my favorite college.

My father, a Rice alumni, has had an influence on me for my thoughts on colleges. Sid Rich a brick multiple story building surrounded by tall oak trees is a college in the Rice college system.
When we first went to Houston we originally went to see the game between Rice and LA Tech. But my dad planned for us to tour the Rice campus. You wouldn’t believe how much history there is in one little college. They have a piece of the Berlin Wall! You don’t see a piece of the Berlin Wall everyday. They also had a lot of really creative statues out on the campus grounds, and students work were on display outside of the architecture room which had a lot of original and creative ideas for condos or suburban homes.
Personally, I liked Sid Rich the most since it had an elevator instead of all those stairs to go up. We got to have lunch with my cousin before the Rice LA Tech game. It was just the cherry on top to beat the Bulldogs 52-14. Which was really saying something since Rice doesn’t have the strongest football team- maybe someday!
photo: Rice owl
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One comment on “Rice University
  1. JeffAbbott says:

    Great writing, but take the time to check your punctuation and capitalization. (Baker should be capitalized, like Sid Rich is.) And be consistent with how you write “dad”. I loved going to the Rice campus with you and I know Michael will be glad that you wrote about him.

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