At Easter dinner my mom brought up a great question, “If you could have dinner with one person, who would you eat with?” We all agreed that the most commonly picked person would be Jesus. If I could talk with him I would ask him what he thinks of the world now.

We agreed that the most interesting person to talk with would be Leonardo da Vinci. I think that he would be the most interesting because, he would have the science and creative aspects to talk about. We spent the whole dinner snowballing ideas. Even on the ride home we discussed who we would interview. We Googled the ten most popular people to interview. We predicted that Jesus would be the most popular. But we didn’t think that Napoleon would be the second most! Most of the other religious prophets were on the list.

I personally would have interviewed Nelson Mandela or MLK. I couldn’t decide who I’d rather interview. I think Nelson would have a lot of amazing stories about his life. But, MLK would definitely have some too. I would want to hear about MLK’s push for civil rights and what he had to overcome to achieve his goal.

My brother and my mom both decided on Leonardo. I agreed with them that he was the most interesting. As I said before, he would have the science and creative aspects to talk about. I don’t know who my dad chose but maybe he’ll tell me one day.

Who would you interview?

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One comment on “Interview
  1. Mrs. Kriese says:

    I would like to interview Thomas Jefferson. I’d share with him the contradictory ways that people use his words and the words of other founding fathers to support their views about the separation of church and state, and then I’d get him to go on the record (again) about that principle 😉 I’d have him watch a modern-day presidential contest and ask him what he thinks of us.

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