I think that Costco is the best store in the world. In case you didn’t know, Costco has items in huge bulk at really low prices. Every single time I go to Costco I always find something I enjoy.

You can really buy anything at Costco. They have an entire electronics section and an auto business. My dad bought a surface pro 8 from Costco. You can even get insurance— at a grocery store!

Costco really goes all out on the bakery. Their croissants are the best I’ve ever had. Their baguettes are also amazing. My mom and my brother had the amazing gift to get the bread hot as the workers were packaging the bread.

The only bad thing about Costco is the bulk. That seems like a good thing but it’s not for some items. Like full size snickers. When my mom goes to Costco and gets the 30 pack of candy bars I get to understand how little self control I have. And the 80 count fruit snacks are hard to resist.

But, there are too many good things about Costco what’s not to love? They’re even next to a Chuy’s incase you need some good Tex-Mex. The one thing that I want when I turn 16 is a Costco membership ( and a car) so I can go to Costco and enjoy it.

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2 comments on “Costco
  1. willc6 says:

    i also love Costco a lot. they have every thing you could wish for from trampolines to any food Costco is really number 1

  2. Mrs. Kriese says:

    A friend of mine bought new garage doors through Costco. Garage doors! My mom buys all her prescriptions there, and my niece’s wedding reception was all Costco…gorgeous cake, delicious buffet, beautiful flowers…is there nothing the folks there can’t do?

    I don’t have a membership, but maybe I need to visit and see what I’m missing.

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