Tom Brady

In case you don’t follow the NFL here’s what’s happening with Tom Brady. To simplify Tom Brady was accused of cheating by deflating balls so it’s easier to throw the ball. Honestly I feel like this can go either way.


On one hand there’s the opinion that Tom didn’t cheat. Honestly I don’t know where this rumor started. It just kinda came out of the blue. So that’s a point in Brady’s no column. There’s also the fact that the term ‘deflagate’ was just a term a ballboy was using about a locker assistant trying to lose weight. Nothing to do with balls. Patriots attorney representative Daniel Goldberg claims that the accusations don’t have enough information.


But there’s also the opinion that Tom, in fact, cheated. These facts can be found in the hyperlink at the top of the story. Tom also has the reputation of cheating in the past that have been proved. So is it such a stretch to believe that this is another mark on his list?


I believe that this is a black and white scandal. If Tom thought this was the right thing to do then that’s his decision. But if every player in the NFL had this attitude, then football would be the worst sport in the world. It would be a game of who’s the best cheater and not who’s not the best talent.


Being a Saints fan (as you can tell from my background) I have dealed with Rodger Goodell’s need to punish teams for unidentified accusations.


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One comment on “Tom Brady
  1. Mrs. Kriese says:

    Your last sentence has me curious about those other accusations and Roger Goodell’s punishments–perhaps a good place for an additional hyperlink? Then a closing statement clarifying where you come down on the Tom Brady thing…

    I don’t know about Tom Brady, but I can’t give the benefit of the doubt to any Bill Belichick-coached team. He’s already proven that he does not respect sportsmanship or the rules governing the game he coaches.

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