ISR Book

Dust and Decay is a dystopian book by Jonathan Maberry that takes place in a apocalyptic California specifically an area near the Sierra Nevadah mountains. In this world there are two main types of people the people who leave their towns they are bounty hunters and traders that venture out into the Rot and Ruin and then the people who stay in town and refuse to acknowledge anything on the outside of the wall that separates them from the Ruin. The Ruin is an area where the Zombies or Zoms as commonly refferd too roam freely in the Ruin and the peopel that live/roam out in the Ruin are often dangerous and aggressive. Tom Irma is the most feared Bounty Hunter in the ruin, and became famous for defeating the most notoriously awful bounty hunter Charlie pink-eye. Charlie pink-eye ran an operation where he would abduct kids and have them fight for their lives against zoms with nothing more than a broom. Tom Irma with the help of our main Protagonist Benny who is Toms student and brother killed Charlie shut down his operation and brought peace to the Ruin and Mountainside ( the town they’re from). But one day they spot a jet flying over them heading north Benny as well as his friend Nix convince Tom to take them to follow the jet after a year of hard training they are on there never to return. But out in the Ruin they hear rumors that Charlie and his gameland (his operation) are still alive and abducting Kids will Tom Irma do it again or will he finally be defeated.



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