I chose this photo because I love riding motorcycles. Also I chose this picture because we are working on a Honda motorcycle right now. The last trip my family and I did was 126 miles long. Yes, I ride my own motorcycle.

Ranger’s Apprentice

My book is about a kid who is thought of as a weak child. But in the early books he proves the king wrong and all his friends. This book is placed in England during medieval times. Currently his girlfriend lost his dog to a really dangerous group of thieves that they are trying to catch. These theives take dogs and make the dogs fight each other in vicious fights. They are also staying the night at a farmers barn, at first the farmer thought he couldn’t trust them. Now he trusts them, even though the two young adults might be the most dangerous kids in the world. I relate to Will as in I care about the little things like him, not the most dangerous person. According to the book alyss (the girlfriend) is really pretty and smart but she could be as dangerous as will. Anyway I would recommend reading the series because if you like action you will like this book.

Famous Goals

I have played soccer ever science I could walk. I enjoy learning new moves and would like to, if I could, play all day long. Currently I’m trying to perfect my scoop pass with both feet.


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   Casper is a dog who is really smart in different ways. When there is a chicken on the table he waits for us to leave until he jumps up and eats it. We hear it and put  him in a the crate and that’s the not smart part. He is really lazy and not in shape. After 300 yards of running he is dying from heat stroke. Anyway he is really cute and you need one like him.