Flexagons. Paper polygons that are able to reveal and hide. Paper shapes able to transform. Paper polygons… the possibilities are endless. Flexagons were invented by British student Arthur Stone in

OK. So, this is the 10th episode of My Dog. This probably means that I am running out of ideas. So, where should we start again? Let’s see… This one

Meus Canis(My dog) Part IX

Uhhh… It’s been so long ever since I wrote something about my dog. Well, here’s part 9. Okay. Where should I start? Okay. Here’s a good starting point—Town lake. We


Let’s say you are at uhh.. the Taj Mahal, and you decide to take a picture. When you take your triprod out, you will probably notice that it has three

It’s a cylinder. Or is it?

                  When you see this, you will probably see a cylinder: a mug-like shape with an open circular top. Nothing seems odd

My dog part e^2.079: Harry and Geo

It’s been a three months since the last chapter of my dog, but this happened last Christmas. Our friends were going on a vacation and they left us our dog

Ugh. Homework

Homework: Worksheets or online projects done when not at school. It’s supposed to make kids responsible and self disciplined, but I don’t think so. First of all, contradictory to what

Shorts in Winter

I recently saw a pie chart that explained that the majority of the time a kid wears a jacket or long pants in Winter is because THEIR PARENTS FEEL COLD!

These actually make sense.

I dont know what to write today so I wrote some stuff.   1: Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo. Solution: Buffalo means three things in this sentence. It can mean Buffalo, NY, bison, or

My Dog Part 7

The last chapter of my dog, reminded me of an event a few years ago. That day, I have made the biggest mistake of my life. I had accidentally left

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