These actually make sense.

I dont know what to write today so I wrote some stuff.   1: Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo. Solution: Buffalo means three things in this sentence. It can mean Buffalo, NY, bison, or

My Dog Part 7

The last chapter of my dog, reminded me of an event a few years ago. That day, I have made the biggest mistake of my life. I had accidentally left

Guadalupe Peak

Guadalupe Peak               This Thanksgiving, I went to Guadalupe Peak National Park with some friends to climb Texas’s tallest mountain, Guadalupe Peak. The trail


    My dog is a cute dog. Fluffy, hyper, energetic He is a social one: chasing dogs That he sees, wanting to play, Wanting to be noticed He is

Random History Essay

Why Texas  Almost Failed As a Spanish Colony   Texas is a thriving city, the live music capital of the world, and and the home of the longhorns, but did you

My Dog(part X-V)

He was a cute one, says the dog bowl lying in the corner of his cage, A hyper one too, says the lawn that he loves to play on. He

My dog(part 4)

Dogs come in many shapes and sizes. Some are aggressive, some are cute, but MY dog is both. My dog, when seen from a distance, is nothing out of the

My Hero’s journey(My Hero’s Journey)

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My Dog(part 3)

The doorbell rings. I go welcome the members of my Future City team for our first meeting. Besides the enthusiastic greetings, a deafening barking sound was heard. Just what I expected.

My Dog(Part 2)

I didn’t expect him to be this hyper. But he was. I hadn’t even reached the door until I heard a muffled barking noise. Harry was at the door. Tail

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