My Dog(Part 2)

I didn’t expect him to be this hyper. But he was.

I hadn’t even reached the door until I heard a muffled barking noise. Harry was at the door. Tail flaring madly, front legs on the small ledge for a clear view at me, white fur making the dark kitchen behind him look shabby, I knew he was going to rear up onto me. I carefully opened the door and the next thing I knew, Harry was digging to my skin, as if that was his way of greeting me. I looked down and saw Harry jumping up and down, apparently trying to get a lick at the face. When I gently shook him off he ran exactly two circles around the island smack-dab in the heart of the kitchen and in the blink of an eye, Harry was charging right at me, ready to pounce. This repeated many times, wasted a whole ten minutes of my time: jumping, shaking, then running around. Then I picked him up and carried him outside, so he could run around without being able to try to lick anything.

Inspired by “If I Stay” by Gayle Forman.

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