My Dog(part X-V)

He was a cute one, says the dog bowl lying in the corner of his cage,

A hyper one too, says the lawn that he loves to play on.

He was a fluffy one, a sociable one, says the multitude of dog toys lying

in his cage, but he was not a dog for coming near…


We first got him, from a shelter, a small one. There were four dogs,

Three colored and one white. The next moment, my dog was at my

house, following me around,  quietly playing with his toys.

But then, says the large cage the dog lives in, the dog started licking

people. At first, it was a sign of affection, a kind of greeting.

But then, he started biting people that try to move away from him,

especially after they have come near: pet him, stroked him…


Now he’s a big dog, and he has learned to stop biting. This is good,

because the biting situation has caused many troubles…


Inspired by “Abandoned Farmhouse”, a poem by Ted Kooser

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