My dog is a cute dog.
Fluffy, hyper, energetic
He is a social one: chasing dogs
That he sees, wanting to play,
Wanting to be noticed
He is a nice dog,
Always wanting to be pet.
Always wants attention.
But, he is not the dog for
(Even if it is not crystal-clear)
Saying goodbye to.
Yes, this doesn’t seem to
Make any sense at all.
You’ll have to really see it to believe it.
Even when you do,
At first, he will seem nice:
Fur white as snow,
Except two amber ears
Tail wagging, eyes looking,
Trying to run to you,
All seems well and happy.
Even when you pet his white fur,
Nothing seems amiss.
He sits down,
Enjoying the sensation,
Of being stroked,
Of being pet,
But then when you finally
Have to say goodbye,
He starts licking you,
He starts biting you.
His bites are harmless, physically,
But they kinda do mean a lot.
He wants to play with you,
He wants to be tenderly stroked,
He wants to be tenderly pet
His bites are like saying,
“Please, Don’t leave!”
“I want to play with you some more”
But you eventually have to leave him,
I know it’s hard,
But you have to.
You have to move on with your life,
And I know my dog will too.


  1. I think that dank memes are pretty cool i thought that this was an awesome writing!
    Good job Willliam

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