My Dog Part 7

The last chapter of my dog, reminded me of an event a few years ago. That day, I have made the biggest mistake of my life.

I had accidentally left my dog’s cage open that morning. Actually, I just closed it less than usual. I do not know what he did while I was at school that morning, but I knew that something was up when he attempted to jump up and lick me(as usual). I went inside to check. My dog had made a mess of the house. He had “played”, or rather, tore it up and spreaded the debris around the house, with an entire, cheap toilet paper roll.

You may be asking,”This isn’t so bad, why make a big deal out of it?” Well, Our house is relatively large and the paper was scattered around the house. So we took the hour and a half to clean the house of the paper. It was tedious and frustrating.


This is an event to never be forgotten.

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