Shorts in Winter

I recently saw a pie chart that explained that the majority of the time a kid wears a jacket or long pants in Winter is because THEIR PARENTS FEEL COLD!

Well, I thought, This is pretty funny because *like* at school it is very warm, and the bus ride is only a few minutes, but 10 minutes is literally nothing compared to about 8 hours at school to warm you up, but then you have these kids that wear these long pants and thick jackets and are still shivering like it was below freezing, but once they get inside the building they would take off their jackets. At first glance(outside of the building, of course) there would be thick jackets, long pants, etc. but when you get into the building everything seems to change.

Well, I think that wearing shorts in Winter is not necessarily a bad thing, but because it seems to be “weird”, we don’t see it that much.


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