Ugh. Homework

Homework: Worksheets or online projects done when not at school. It’s supposed to make kids responsible and self disciplined, but I don’t think so.

First of all, contradictory to what it claims to be, kids often ask for help on homework, resulting not in responsibility, but a dependence on other people, like your parents. Homework is done at home, where you can easily get it “done” by asking a parent for help. This instills a habit in which the student is dependent on the parent.

Secondly, it causes frustration and boredom. According to a study by Sydney University in Australia, “What the research shows that, in countries where they spend more time on homework, the achievement results are lower”. The only “exception” to this “rule”, is high school, where the students did actually benefit from doing those few hours of homework each week.

So to sum it up, homework is not the thing that you would want to do if you want to instill responsibility or do better in class.


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