My dog part e^2.079: Harry and Geo

It’s been a three months since the last chapter of my dog, but this happened last Christmas.

Our friends were going on a vacation and they left us our dog for us to take care of. Well, at first things went well, they were playing with each other, having a happy time, as they just met. Harry and Geo(Geo was the dog that was left to us) were doing their own thing, mostly it was Harry following Geo around, it looked exceptionally cute to everyone that visited us. When we walked them, they would usually get tangled up because they wanted to play with each other. I knew they would have a good time here.

A few days later, they started getting “naughty”. Originally the dogs stayed in the living room, moving around on the floor, or maybe Geo lying on a couch with Harry trying to get up. Now all they do is lie on the couch, or it is running around rapidly in the house in and out of the rooms. This distracted us all, as it was annoying to have dogs run past you and maybe steal one of your shoes. It was hard to deal with but when they weren’t annoying they were the cutest things in the world.

Then we gave the dogs to our friend and went on vacation. We were all relieved that we didn’t have to worry about dogs running around and annoying us.

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