OK. So, this is the 10th episode of My Dog. This probably means that I am running out of ideas. So, where should we start again? Let’s see… This one

Meus Canis(My dog) Part IX

Uhhh… It’s been so long ever since I wrote something about my dog. Well, here’s part 9. Okay. Where should I start? Okay. Here’s a good starting point—Town lake. We


Let’s say you are at uhh.. the Taj Mahal, and you decide to take a picture. When you take your triprod out, you will probably notice that it has three

It’s a cylinder. Or is it?

                  When you see this, you will probably see a cylinder: a mug-like shape with an open circular top. Nothing seems odd

My dog part e^2.079: Harry and Geo

It’s been a three months since the last chapter of my dog, but this happened last Christmas. Our friends were going on a vacation and they left us our dog

Ugh. Homework

Homework: Worksheets or online projects done when not at school. It’s supposed to make kids responsible and self disciplined, but I don’t think so. First of all, contradictory to what

Shorts in Winter

I recently saw a pie chart that explained that the majority of the time a kid wears a jacket or long pants in Winter is because THEIR PARENTS FEEL COLD!

These actually make sense.

I dont know what to write today so I wrote some stuff.   1: Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo. Solution: Buffalo means three things in this sentence. It can mean Buffalo, NY, bison, or

My Dog Part 7

The last chapter of my dog, reminded me of an event a few years ago. That day, I have made the biggest mistake of my life. I had accidentally left

Guadalupe Peak

Guadalupe Peak               This Thanksgiving, I went to Guadalupe Peak National Park with some friends to climb Texas’s tallest mountain, Guadalupe Peak. The trail

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