My ISR Book?

Today I will be writing about my awesome, amazing, wonderful,  book. 📚 It is called Middle School Dogs Best Friend by James Patterson. My book is about a middle school student named Rafe. He lives with his mom, sister, and grandma in an apartment.  It starts off with Rafe’s mom having to work on Christmas. The whole family is super disponted but Rafe is the most so he says something that he really regrets…

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New Fortnite Update!

Hi there! Today I will be telling  you about Fortnite Battle Royal( que the Ali-a theme song). Last week we got a amazing new update, the amazing High Steaks game mode. They also added the new grappling hook. There is also a hot new skin the Wild Card. Alongside the game mode they added the height steaks challenges, and once you complete all of them you get the crowbar pickaxe and the money trail contrail. Wow epic games have outdone themselves again with this new update.

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