My ISR Book

My book is called The Heart and Mind of Frances Pauley. 

It is about an elementary school girl named Frances (but goes by Figgrotten) is is believed to be eecentric and weird by her classmates. She has one friend and is obsessed with nature and anthropology. Her only friend is an 86 year old bus driver named Alvin. She loves being outside and doesn’t do well sitting at a desk. She is often bored in school and is made fun of. Even her sister, Christina, despises her.

She wears an old coat, old boots and a floppy hat with ear flaps every single day and nothing else. Everything is fine for Figgrotten until Alvin dies. She realizes she is lonely and she starts lashing out at people. After working on her people skills, she finally makes a friend in her class. She re-establishes her relationship with her sister and is happy again.

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