Why The Flash is Insanely Powerful

Most of you have probably heard of the Flash. He is a superhero that can move extremely fast due to something called the Speed Force. It changes physics for him and allows him to go faster than the speed of light without dying. It does a couple of things to do this, like making him not have infinite mass and not collide with air particles. That makes him really powerful.

The first reason he is really powerful is because of one of his moves called the infinite mass punch. Basically, he punches at the speed of light and makes it so the speed force doesn’t alter the physics of his hand. Since the Speed Force is no longer affecting the mass of his hand, it will have infinite mass, like I mentioned earlier. His hand will not only be moving at the speed of light, but also have infinite momentum. This allows him to punch through pretty much anything since his fist would be unstoppable.

But that’s not all! According to Einstein’s theory of relativity an object needs infinite energy to go at the speed of light. Since the Flash can travel at the speed of light, he has infinite energy. If he punched something he would transfer infinite energy into that object and the object would hit more objects giving them infinite energy creating a chain reaction and destroying the world.

The Last Post About The Game

This is going to be the last post about our game because we just recently went to the state competition. If you didn’t read my previous posts about our game you should probably do so.

The state competition was in Waco, Texas. On Friday during second period, we got on a small bus and drove there. Then we went to the competition, signed up for an interview time, and waited. Once it was our turn to be interviewed, we did the interview, waited a bit more, then left. On the way back we ate pizza and arrived at the school at around 6 o clock.

We did really well in the state competition. We got first place. I think the judge was really impressed for two reasons. First is that we made the entire game by ourselves. We made the code, graphics, and music. The other reason is that I programmed it in Java. The judge said everyone else made their games using programs like Game Maker and Scratch and didn’t believe us at first that we used Java, but after asking some questions about the code he seemed really impressed.

I am really happy about the outcome of the competition. We will not go to nationals however, because some of us will be traveling. I will probably do this again next year though.

My Game Again

Hello everyone! This blog post is an update to the game I’m making for my schools technology club. You can see the last one here. I have made a lot of progress on the game.

The textures and animations have been greatly improved. I have also added a boss, enemies, lava blocks, and a tutorial. We changed the story a little bit too.

The game goes like this. In the beginning, the player’s friend is kidnapped by these bad guys. They escape through a portal and the player follows them. He meets someone named Bob who teaches him how to play the game. The player can move around and hit things with a stick. To beat a level, he has to find the key to unlock the portal. The player goes through a few levels and fights the boss, who is really big and tries to punch him. Once you beat him, you get the key to the final portal and save your friend.

The game is mostly finished but there are still a few things I want to add. My team is going to the competition tomorrow and I am very excited.

Machine learning

Siri, Facebook, and Bing are 3 famous things that all have something in common: they use machine learning, a type of program that can learn and improve on its own. Machine learning is a very useful tool for many reasons.

Machine learning is basically when a program can improve by modifying itself. It is effective because you do not have to write code for every single possibility. This makes it much easier to make a program do tasks that require more complicated thinking, like recognizing objects. There are many applications for this. Google’s self driving car, voice recognition, text recognition and even Google’s search engine uses machine learning.

Machine is very useful and can be used for many different things. It has been used in tons of products and programs. The possibilities for machine learning are endless.


Hello everyone. Tomorrow I am going to TEDx Youth. I think it is going to be really cool.

The event is going to start at 12 o clock and end at six. This year’s theme is common threads. It is about how everything is tied together. There are also going to be a lot of cool things like virtual reality and some activities.

I think TEDx Youth is going to be really cool and I can’t wait to go.

My Game

Hello everyone! This weeks blog post is an update to my game. You can see the last one here.

This week, we added a lot of things to the game. Most of the features of the game are already implemented, like collision detection and animations. The character can walk, jump, and go through doors. We also have a menu, a respawn system, and multiple levels. Some of it still needs improvement though. Our textures right now are horrible and the animations are incomplete.

By next week, we will probably have better textures and enemies will be added.


Hello everyone! For this weeks blog post I will be writing about a game I’m making. I am in my school’s tech club and I am making a game with two other people. We are going to make it in Java.

The game’s plot is that your best friend has been captured by aliens. To save him you must travel through portholes to reach the alien’s base, but the keys to the portholes are scattered through time. Luckily you have a time machine. There will be three levels, and after the third, you find and save your friend.

We are making a lot of progress and I will try to keep making posts about it.


During the weekend, my family went crabbing in Galveston. It was a lot of fun and we caught a total of 7 crabs.

We bought a bunch of rope and attached chicken to it. Then, we went to this long strip of boulders, threw our chicken things in the water, and waited. It took a while, but eventually we caught our first crab. It was about 6 inches wide and missing one of its arms. We caught a couple more, then after about 2 hours we decided to leave. Later, when we went home, we ate the crabs.

This trip was very fun. It got boring at times, but was exciting when you caught a crab. I hope we can go again.


Here is a picture of a blue crab, the type of crab we caught.

Pixabay cc0


Winter break is almost here, and I’m really excited. This year, my family will be going to Houston, TX.

We will be leaving sometime after Christmas and stay there for a few days. Houston has a lot of cool things, but this year, we will be going to this place that has a lot of neat lights and structures. I think it will be pretty fun.

I think this trip will be really cool, and I can’t wait to go.

img_0833                         Pixabay cc0