It was dark

I could see the shimmering stars above me

I was tired

I could smell the salty water form the ocean

As I walked I could hear the crunch of the dried up leaves I was stepping on

I was at Fulton Mansion

I put my hand on the side of the wall, it felt bumpy and rough

I wasn’t supposed to be here


l👀k it’s a piñata 

I love piñatas you get to break something and you get candy at the end it’s a win win. You can put pretty much anything in a piñata but my favorite part is the candy. You usually get piñatas on birthdays or special occasions. 👋

Jolly Rancher Madness!!!


  1. If you haven’t had a Jolly Ranchers your lost.
    Jolly ranchers are the best candy in the world that’s a fact. If you don’t like jolly ranchers GO AWAY!!! I can’t believe some people haven’t even had Jolly Ranchers. That’s all folks bye 👋 “ if you want to learn more go to this site.”

Are Jolly Ranchers the best candy in the world

YES!!!! Well at least I think so I love Jolly Ranchers they taste so good thats all folks bye.

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