December 9


When I woke up, I felt pain all over my body and blood was dripping down from my head.
“Ow,ow!” I moaned.
“It’s about time you woke up!” said a high pitched voice.
I froze.
“Wh,who said that?” I mumble.
“Up here.”
I looked straight up and saw a mysterious figure that was hovering above me. It was a dog sized purple lizard with orange bright wings. It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before!
“What exactly are you?” I said.
“What, aren’t you supposed to be a dragon trainer?”
I shaped my face into a questionable expression.
“I’m, a what?” I asked.
“A dragon trainer, you know! I mean how else did you get that scar?” said the little dragon.
All of a sudden, I noticed that a part of me was glowing somehow. I looked over my right shoulder and noticed that my scar was glowing a purple shining light.
“AH!” I screamed.
A strong stinging pain went up my spine.
“Ow, ow!” I groaned as I sat back down.
“Sorry about that mess back there.” said the dragon.
I looked at him with my face red with rage!
“You were the one that made me go through that ride of horror!?” I yelled.
“What, a guy can’t have his…”
All of a sudden, everything just stopped. There was nothing but silence for a while. Then all of a sudden, there was a low, strong voice that called out to me.
“Ha, ha, ha, they have a son…” the voice said.
“We have to go, NOW!” shouted the dragon.
“Why?” I said.
“No time to explain!”
Both of us got on the mine cart. Just as it did earlier, it zoomed down the railroad.

After being on the mine cart for quite a while, we seem to have finally come to a stop.
“Why did we stop?” I said as I looked around, only to find that the railroad tracks lead us to a dead end.
“This is where we can find people that can help you with your injuries.” said the dragon.
This was absurd! My mind blew up with questions.
“Hold on a second, first of all, what on earth is going on and what the heck are you!” I said angrily.
“Hey, No need to get hasty now.” He said.
“First things first, my name is Spyro and I’m a dragon.” said Spyro.
“And YOU are apparently a dragon trainer that has been living under a rock.” he said.
“What the heck is a dragon trainer!” I said with a little more anger in my voice.
“What do you think, it’s a trainer that trains dragons!” said Spyro.
“Come on, everyone knows that!” said Spyro.
“I think I can name a few that don’t!” I responded.
“I bet you have tons of questions, but we need to get you healed up.” Spyro said.
Still wanting to ask my load of questions, I decided to leave them for another time because of the pain that was stinging all over my body.
“So where exactly is this place you speak of.” I said.
“I need you to put your right hand on this rock.” Spyro said as he pointed at a rock in the exact middle of the cave. Trying not to look at it, I lifted my right hand that was still glowing that bright purple light into my eyes; then I did what Spyro told me to do and I touched the rock. Then it happen. All of a sudden, the cave turned purple. Then if that wasn’t freaky enough, the cave started spinning and it got faster and faster. I started to feel like my head would explode. The purple then quickly turned into a bright white light.

December 3


There are three types of people in my school. The first type are people that are so smart, that if they get anything below an A-, they act like they flunked the test or something; the second type are people that just want to get so popular, that their main priority is to get every bloody person knows his or her name; then last and certainly least are the people like me, who are the ones that are just in the crowd. We’re like ghost. We’re never recognized by anyone. Unless you’re me however, when you have bullies that what to beat you up because of your oddly shaped scar. It wasn’t much of a scar, it was a lot more like a symbol, almost like an eye even. As I sat at my desk, I examined my scar. It was a good way to speed up time.
“…And then when you mix those two ingredients together, you get what? Anyone? How about you Theodore Valor?” The teacher said catching me totally off guard. I took a deep breath.
“It’s just Ted first of all, and second, I wasn’t paying attention.”
Just then, the bell rang. Good thing it did, because the teacher started to give me an ugly look. I got out of there as quick as I could.

School was boring as usual, but when I finally reached my house, I felt a great sense of relief.
“Hello, I’m home!” I yelled as I walked through the door.
There was no answer. After I closed the door behind me, I putted my backpack in my room; then I grabbed my flashlight and I headed outside.

Right outside my house, I have this abandoned mine shaft all to myself. I’m not sure why my grandparents decided to afford a house next to a mine shaft, but I’m extremely glad they did! It’s so amazing every time I go exploring down there! It’s like walking around in a new world! After walking a little further, I soon make it to the abandoned entrance of the cave. I took out my flashlight and I turned it on. Excited, I walked into the dark, dark, world.

It was extremely dark as usual, but with my flashlight, I was able to see quite clearly. As I walked deeper and deeper into the cave, I soon stopped to look at something that stood out to me. As I walked closer and closer to it, my eyes widen. It was a mine cart on a railroad that seemed to have been leading somewhere deeper into the cave. I leaped onto the mine cart. It was very old and dirty. While I was just laying in the mine cart, something weird happened. Suddenly, the mine cart began to move. It felt like someone gave the mine cart a small push. I tried to turn my head to see if it was grandpa, but it was too late. The mine cart out of nowhere just starts riding down the railroad as if it was flying! I was going so fast, that the flashlight in my hand just flew out like a bullet! I feared that if I didn’t hang on, I would fall out exactly like that flashlight! Then the mine cart took a strong left turn and I lost my grip. I was launched directly out of the mine cart, then I hit my head against something hard. Everything turned black after that.
To be continued…

May 11

How to make your teachers very annoyed

Tap your pencil rapidly on your desk for 10 seconds
Raise your hand
Ask if you could go to the restroom
Come back and REPEAT 10 times
After 10 times,
Drop your binder on the floor as hard as you can
Then the last thing you do is after that,
Scream out loud,”DIS NUTS!”

Now I’m not going to say no more,
Because it’s a good chance that your in the office by now
If you were actually dumb enough to do this!


April 29

I Remember

I remember when I used to go to the St. Louis baseball games and how much love I gave to the game and my city. I remember when I got my first baseball mitt and when I used to pretend to be Adam Wainwright and I would get set up like he does, then I would pitch the ball to my dad. “Strike three! He’s out of there!”my dad would say after I threw the ball. I remember when I used to love to watch Fred bird walk up and down the field and when I bought my own Fred bird stuff toy.

Oh, I can remember so much fun from that one point of my life and the one thing that made me into the baseball player l am today happen at that baseball stadium.

April 13

The Room

He played baseball, says the posters and the gear that seems so worn out from playing in.
A reader too, says the many books on the shelf, so worn out from reading them.
But he was never good with the computer, says the broken one on the floor.

April 8

What would you like to do when you grow up?

Not so long ago, I have been sitting in my english classroom, learning about how we should always have a blueprint for our lives. For me, I think I have a pretty good blueprint for my life.

My life plan is to become a major league baseball player, to do this, I will play baseball at Westlake High School, and then after that I plan to go and play for U.T (University of Texas). I also plan to take story writing as a class in college. Then after getting though college, my one big dream is to play for the St.Louis Cardinals! After l get too old for baseball, then I plan to become a author and write books for the rest of my life.

So that is my big life plan, but I would like to ask if you have a plan for your life. If you would like to share one, please leave a comment that talks about it. Oscar Taveras Alex Lewis via Compfight

March 4

Why I think it’s okay to break the rules

Rules help us not fall into chaos. But some rules are just so stupid that you must break them to make the world a better place.

Sometimes breaking the rules saves lives and makes lives better. For instance Jackie Robinson was not supposed to be in Major League White Baseball, but he decided to play there anyway. He gave hope to other African American players and also showed the world that African American players were very fine baseball players. But it wasn’t so easy for Jackie Robinson because people yelled at him, insulted him, and the pitchers threw baseballs at his face. But if he hadn’t chose to break the rules and remained in black baseball instead, then people around the world wouldn’t know if African American players knew how to play baseball. People like Jackie Robinson, Martin Luther King Jr. and others who broke the rules saved lives and made the lives of others better.

It doesn’t just change the lives of people it’s also fun. If your mom and dad tell you to turn off your XBOX in 30 minutes, you’d try your best to stretch it out to an hour because it’s an XBOX, you don’t want to turn it off. Sometimes you can get away with it and if your parents come home, you just have to ready to throw them an excuse. One excuse I give is I lost track of time. Sometimes it works! Other times, I tell my dad that my brother made me do it. If you break the rules, then you can change the world and you could have fun doing it.
Some rules are just complete nonsense and may keep you back, but if you break those rules, then there is nothing keeping you back.

In conclusion, breaking the rules can sometimes be bad, but sometimes can also be good.
The key thing is you have to know when is it the good time to follow the rules.


February 2


Water drips from the ceiling like tears, then falls into the lake as the connection of the two things makes waves.”Drip, drip, drip”. These are noises I hear when I wake. In a boat, confused, I look around at my surroundings. I am sailing in a lake that is underground and after I tried to figure out where exactly I am, I started asking myself questions. Before I could answer any of them, I came across land.

As soon as I get out of the boat my back is hurting from resting in the boat. I assume I have been resting in the boat for a long time. I smell a strong odor that has such an unbearable smell, that I bet smelling two skunks would be better. As I walk further in, it feels more colder than a winter’s day.

Then I come across a rusty old desk and on the desk I find that there is a white mask. By the time I notice exactly where I am, it’s too late! As he or it puts his hand on me I am more colder than I was ever in my life……….


January 15


Okay, first of all I know what you guys are thinking. “Dude, Christmas was a while back,why are you writing about Christmas now”. Well the thing is I got pretty busy with school and I totally forgot about writing about Christmas and telling you guys how my Christmas went. So sorry about writing this to you guys a little bit later than you guys probably expected,but just think of it as a late Christmas card. Okay,now that I got that done with,I just want to make sure that you guys had a great Christmas,because I sure had. Me and my family went to the Westlake State game. Westlake lost to North Shore though,but it was still lots of fun being there at the game. I also had lots of fun with my friends and family. Then on Christmas,my goodness,it was amazing. To start off with,there was good presents under the Christmas tree and there was excellent food to eat on the table. The best present that I got was an Xbox one and a flat screen TV! But the funnest thing that I got to do with my family was getting to volunteer to help out at the kids hospital and help out give out presents to all the kids there. Also,while I was there,you would not believe who I met up with there. Helping out as well,was Coach Strong from the University of Texas Longhorns! So I had a really good Christmas,but how about yours? If you want to,please send me a comment about how your Christmas went. I’d really like to know.


December 2

Thanksgiving Break

My Thanksgiving break was good;filled with eating and family time. The best thing of all was having turkey,mashed potatoes,and gravy. I also enjoyed celebrating my moms birthday at the Cheesecake Factory. The food was delicious and all my family was there to celebrate my mom’s birthday,it was lots of fun.

How was your Thanksgiving break?