Kobe Bean Bryant

The Black Mamba, one of the greatest basketball players, retired this year.
Kobe played 20 outstanding years; he made pros look like a fool. He scored 81 points , had several 60
point games as well…some say he’s better than MJ himself.
And it is a shame to see him retire, but his knees just couldn’t hold up anymore . Fans all crowd the Staples Center ; more people than it can hold were lined up to see Kobe.
Many celebs
showed their honor for Kobe .
The Black Mamba scored 60 points and a game winner to lead the Lakers over the Jazz . On April 7 , 2016 a Legend retired .

What’s next for this All Star ?  His hall of fame speech is something we all can’t wait for.  Kobe, we all just
want to say how inspiring and how great you were to everyone. You were the best trash talker,  a very great teammate as well . Too bad that saga ended by Shaq going to the Heat. Thank you, Kobe




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Los Angeles not done yet

From the suburbs to the Hills ,  to the Lax , to the movie sites , all the glamours pop stars and actors . The large over sized but beautiful yachts. Los Angeles is where it’s at fast cars from every country ,  some of the nicest land to see.  Like the land of opportunity this is the land where dreams are made . Take an exclusive tour down to the movie sites .  many great hotels and restaurants will have you at awe                                                                                                       

Dirt vs gold , Red White And Blue

Walking on this dirt of mine
reminds me of my ancestors
who fought for us their bled shed for our freedom
the prideful man teaches his children about loyalty and respect
the beautiful American Flag sways so gracefully
no matter where we may come from
you may be born with a silver spoon in your mouth
you may be born in some of the most vexing poverty out there
remember why we’re here
it’s not about how rich you are or how much swag you have
we are people we work together
so next time you see that man frown and cry about hard times
don’t laugh give a  penny , a dime or a quarter
it can make their day  always keep your head up
and thank the american flag
no matter how scarce money is in your town or how dark those clouds may be or if it’s raining a pot of depression
 work together like a team
don’t be that snowball rolling down to no where
don’t judge a man by his color appearance or by gender
we’re all people we think independently
so if that man’s pants are sagging it doesn’t  always mean trouble
he is representing where he came from when you wear your nice snakeskin boots with your leather cowboy hat your representing where you came from as well.
score that touchdown ,  sack that quarterback ,  slide into those bases , hit that stepback kobe shot,  win the Stanley cup we can’t be ignorant  Whenever you think times are tragedy remember our brothers and sisters risked their life for us .

Dream like Beach

the everlasting sound of the peaceful echoes from the beautiful heaven like white colored seagulls gliding so joyfully the the gorgeous awe of the rays from the mighty sun rise higher and higher the moon lower and sleepier fades away in to another journey across the small but yet fascinating world. Kids slide into there flipflops like sliding into second base in baseball the joyful grins are like a child was born the footprints let you know small or big children adults elders all enjoy the beach with a grin on there face at all times the volleyballs hit so smoothly with an arc into the sky over the net skimboarders ride the surface so smoothly and the enthusiasm of the great mightyful sun gleams like a crystal ball reflecting light the orange sunkist on our skin gives us pride  the tears dripping out our  eyes is the salty taste of the water the grainy sticky sand will follow us back home until we part again the beach is always in our life.


You may be a Panthers fan or a Broncos fan , but let me tell you when you’re 40 year old hall of famer , it would be embarrassing  to let your brother Eli have more rings. Newton is just better , he has young blood and I’m pretty sure that the papa john’s is slowing Manning down.

Cam newton has already proven himself  in just 4 years; rookie year he lead his to team to the conference championship. This man is 6”5 270 pounds , your best bet is to not let him rush , force a sack,  or a pick.

I am going to finish this statement, the panthers were born with SuperBowl dna. Cam newton has amazing receivers such as Ginn Jr and Greg Olsen . I’m pretty sure Josh Norman can keep up with Demaryius Thomas 

Stephe curry with the shot

The Golden state warriors success is remarkable, and quite god like as well. There ball movement is so good , that it puts the defense in a trance. Stephen curry has a lethal shot one second he’s motioning a play , the other second the balls already in the basket. If you are ever gonna be guarding him prepare to have your ankles broken. He’s not the only star on his team , Kay Thompson will take you by surprise as well !

The cavs have Lebron the best basketball player right now , but he can’t do it all that’s why the Warriors are so good! Stephen curry isn’t just a great basketball player , he’s a great father of his three year old Riley curry , and if you’ve seen her in the press conference she is so hilarious.
The Warriors move the ball almost like the Spurs do with there unselfish basketball , they rarely take poor shots and poor shots for Stephen curry is a 40 footer ! If you disagree with me on that the Warriors are the best team right now then you are very wrong.

Mclaren p1



At my uncle’s house he had a friend over and he brought over a McLaren here’s what happened.

Woahhhhhhhhhhh I was exhillirated , 220 mph and carbon fiber hybrid a beuaty ! . 1110 hp and a v8 super charged car. so i got to ride in this 2 mil dollar car what did you do ? . I know that this car ai’nt very common so it was a lucky find ; the next car on my bucket list is a Pagani Hiuyra .

Next Thanksgiving I would like to hunt bison . I’ve always wanted to hunt bison.


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Homework is it punishment or help

Homework is it too much , or too little, bringing tears , or joy. I wanna share my opinons on why homework is just extra work. I think that the kids who actually are motivated workers , who try hard enough in class, homework for them usually is easy right? That is what teachers think, but it creates extra pain for them too, what the need is a learning check one or two questions to show we learned the lesson. See teachers it’s easy as that , homework was invented as a punishment anyways so why would we need that , this idea really kills two bird with one stone. all facts from DrizzyZachs brain

Terror Far Away From Fome

In a sudden chain of of chaos , starvation and lack of water was the least to worry about for Tiger. Spraying bullets and magazine clips fall from the AK47s. Tiger exhuasted and sleepless relied on his instincts and subconsiecne to reunite with his family.

The author of Fish used such deep and tons of repetition in his sentences , this made you feel in the zone , in the shoes of a refugee . He creates a bond with our readers , by asking us you know how I felt just like a game of hide and seek to the death.

My question is would you run , or take it the stealthy way , and sneak around , use some survial skills. You really have no time at all to react just instinct.    L.S Matthews Fish

Time Travel

If I could time travel , I would travel back in time to 9/11 to warn the airports about the terrorists The problem is I could’nt inform these people because they would think im crazy or view it as a threat . What would you guys do , if you could time travel ?