7th grade advice

I have survived my 7th grade year now its your turn for the torture.

Some things you need to survive include a lighter, some tents, and a good water source for you’r, in the wild territory of the Teachers. These vicious creatures will eat you to the bone!! So have some defense as well, like a binder or a backpack! In the School you will face creatures like the Test or the Learning Test, hunt them down for food. Then there’s meal time, the time to DEFEND you’r food from the blood thirsty wild Lunch Monitors. Then there is the the 6th and 7th periods were you have to battle through the Teachers to to Wildcat time the hardest part of your journey home! Even though it’s 20 minutes, you will  face challenges like “Do you’re home work!” or “Stop playing on your phone Bob!!”. Sometimes the Teachers will make you stay for Wildcat time so they can eat you!!

These are just a few warnings from me, good luck and have fun.

Star Wars

Star Wars, the futuristic sagua of battle between light and dark sides of the force, is interesting. It has many creatures from the Rodian to the aquatic-land Quorin. It has many conflicts from the Clone Wars to the First Order Conflict.

It has Rebels, Clones, Stormtroopers, and ships like Venator Class star destroyer to Super Star destroyer and GIANT bases such as The Death Star to the imfomous Star Killer Base, and Heros like Obi-Wan-Kenobi, Princess Lai Organa and Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, then the Villains such as Count Duku and Darth Vader, Kylo Ren leader of the Knights Of Ren and the dreaded First Order whom which whiped out an entire star system with its Star Killer Base. And then there are the droids such as R2-D2 and BB8; don’t forget the walkers like AT-AT and the AT-TE.

Simple things that inspire us to watch,learn about this attractive sagua. The things that inspired me to become one of its many fans.


His body was large

And armored

And green

And as he passed a pier

He turned

And snapped at a horse

That was struck with fear

And I saw a dark trout

And the row of red teeth

Then out into the lake

with the poor horse of his

He rolled



He ate-that strange thing

Large,armored,and green

Part snake part vulture

Inspired by The shark by Edwin John Pratt

Star Wars (PT1)

Star Wars the future where you have aliens ect. Star destroyers,X-Wings,and At-At’s plus many more!

A NEW STAR WARS MOVIE! Star War: The Force Awakens!I am very excited for this movie. it has almost everything form the last one. X-wing and tie Fighters are different colors though… At least they have a Sith lord and Jedi but the thing I don’t get is that a stromtrooper becomes a Jedi like whaaaa? the sith sould have at least sensed it I mean come on like they have the force within them and they can sensed it. But sith they kinda under estimate everything. Like the time on hoth, how they sent all those people and At-Ats, oh yeah they have snow speeders and X-Wings ops I for got. Really… The only good person they had was lord Vader, still sad Yoda died :(,but still the Rebels destroyed the Super Star Destroyer, and the Death Star.

I kinda like the new look for the new sith lords look. Its blended with Lord Vader and Emperor Sidious to make Kylo Ren, the new sith lord, they also have a star destroyer.

That’s that, but I don’t know if the At Ats are back and the Malleniam Falcon is back with ” Old Solo”.  Also I wonder if Yoda is back.

Digging Up Bones

When digging up bones its helpful to have these tools:tiny pick,brush,and some kind of  metal stick thing. When you have to find a location and set a grid and you want to label each square or quadrant. after that you need plaster:a sticky mitarial used to incase bones: then record the location of the bone(if you find one) one a paper or digital graph. when you are trying to move the bone try putting plaster around it(it will protect the bone when its done drying)after this you need a way to take it to a museum. They will do the rest

Just A Story With DINOSAURS

I heard footsteps ,Raptor footsteps, then it went quiet. Holding a flare. I slowly, very slowly walked as I saw red on the walls in the pinkish light of the flare and sparks from chewed up wire…

I wondered where everyone was, then I took out a gun and realized the magazine was empty… Just then a arm fell right in front of my face and I looked up to find to reptilian eyes looking at me..As blood from its teeth dripped on my forehead……                                                It was quiet,very quiet , too quiet , just than I heard more footsteps,another raptor, I reached for my gun but just then



As it bit my hand i screams,seeing a tranquilizer dart magazine…I Reached with my other hand and loaded the gun closing my eyes


I slowly opened my eyes to find the raptor asleep…I went to the window where i had entered and climbed out and pulling the raptor up after that,then i heard a sound a growling sound :GRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrr: I turned around to face a raptor. It looked at me as if I was a turkey GOBBLE GOBBLE ,oh no, I thought…..



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You may or may not have heard about this aquatic lizard, this lizard is like the T-Rex of the sea, its fiendish adaptations include two rows of teeth the one inside acts like a conveyer belt that drags the unlucky prey in the mouth which is lined with hook like teeth. It can snap a Plesiosaurus neck in one bite and is very,very deadly. It has a large head with a long stream like body with four large flippers to stair and a tail to propel it self froward and is large enough to swallow a adult whole (picture shown below)

my drawing
my drawing