My First ISR Book

My First ISR Book

    The book that I read was called Prisoner B-3087 by Alan Gratz. My book takes place in WW2. It starts in Kraków but as the book goes along they move to different parts of Poland. The Main character is Yanek, a 10 year old Jewish boy. Him and his family get taken to a Jewish concentration camp. All of his family was killed. Yanek promised himself to survive the camps and harsh conditions. He must survive for as long as it takes the allies to save all the Jews and take over the Germans.

    I really liked the amount of detail the author put into the book. He would really describe the characters emotions and feelings. It felt like you were really in the book. I disliked how the author sometimes made parts of the book too long. Sometimes he used almost 15 pages just to describe a 2 minute scene in the book.


Click here to see a book trailer for my book.

My Hobby

This is a video of Feliks Zemdegs breaking the 3 x 3 Rubik’s Cube World Record. It took him 4.22 seconds! That’s really fast! This video represents my hobby of solving Rubik’s Cubes.

A Story About a Man

A Story About a Man

     One day there was a man walking down the street. It was dark outside. With a cold mist in the air. There were lampposts flickering every few seconds. Cars going so fast, you could feel their blast. The man looked at the lights for a long, long time. He continued walking shortly after.

     He saw a woman in front of him. She wore a mask. The mask had 4 eyes, 3 mouths, and 2 noses. He didn’t know it was a mask until she was right in front of him. But she walked right by and so did he.

     He continued to progress to the end of the street. Now he saw a bike. Just a bike. No one riding it. No one near it. The bike had the same mask the lady was wearing.  He walked closer to the bike with precaution. He wiped his eyes making sure he wasn’t imagining. But it was still there. He touched it and BAM!!! It disappeared, and so did the man. That was the last time anyone heard of the man.

The Man who disappeared

“You can't put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get” – Michael Phelps

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