A peaceful place

She ran through the forest trail her hair flying freely. This place her favorite.

Sitting on the dock a notebook in her lap a pencil in her hand as the lake flows like silk. So quiet a hummers wings are heard. So beautiful it’s hard to describe. The smell of nature- blooming flowers, moist dew. A old treehouse stairs broken. Animals, Happiness, and Love.


An Animals Spirit 🐎

My number one favorite animal is a horse ♥️. Horses have been my favorite animal for aa long as I can remember, I love how beautiful these creatures are. I love drawing horses, riding horses and spending time with horses. My favorite type of horse is a thoroughbred with a strawberry coat (Yes that is a coat type). If I were a animal I would be a horse because horses are smart, beautiful, and they love sweets! 🍬

The Mage and the Magpie

The book I have been reading is a book called “The Mage and the Magpie” written by: Austin j. Bailey. if you like fairytales and magical characters it think you will like this book. I have been searching for a book I will love and I really like this one. The setting takes place in Morley a small abandoned town where Brinley was found as a baby, and the Kingdom of Caraway. Brinley a young girl who spends most of her time in her imagination and pretends to be invisible suddenly is called by a magic bell that summons her to a new world with the help of her new friend, the Prince of Caraway, and a interesting young bird keeper help her on the journey to find her mother and find the missing Magemother. I  suggest this book to imaginative readers.

I am grateful for stories that bring imagination into are minds.

Pancakes and Breakfast 🥞🍳

When I was a little girl my dad taught me how to make my own breakfast. He decided to tech me the simplest meal I could make without any help. So I learned how to make scrambled eggs and microwaveable pancakes. As I improved my cooking skills I learned making pancakes from scratch. And now I can cook- microwaveable pancakes, pancakes from scratch, scrambled eggs, eggs over easy, potato and egg tacos, jelly toast and butter toast. If you want to learn more go to this site.

Artists Everywhere

I am an artist! I love every type of art but painting, sketching, and photography are my favorites. Every other weekend a buy canvases and paint a picture. I have so many paintings I don’t even know where to put them. I like acrylic paint, water paint and sometimes markers. I am the best at drawing girls, women, and babies. I have tried to draw guys but I fail every time (Sorry boys) . I love music also, I consider it art and think music is beautiful 🎼! Sometimes I have trouble brainstorming painting and sketching ideas, if you have any let me know! 

I am grateful for the art around us and I am grateful we get to embrace it, share it with the world!