The Phantom’s Lair

Emerging from the murky water below, the flickering of candlelight emanates from all around.

On a bare wall sits a mirror, covered with a cloth full of shame and resentment.

On the far side of the room, a gold-plated chair lies against a wall, from which a mannequin sits.

Despite every surface in the room being covered with grime, the dress that lies upon the mannequin stays a color of untarnished ivory.

Upon the mannequin also lays a veil, composed of flawless white tulle.

There, in a dimmed corner, a tarnished wood table remains.

Upon the table lays small shreds of rope, a dull knife, and numerous lariats ready to be used.

Drooping on a nearby wall, a shelf dangles loosely.

Placed upon the unstable shelf, one small music box with dancing figurines sits motionlessly.

As there is no movement anywhere, the silence pierces through the lifeless air.

There, in a solitary corner, a dilapidated organ stays, only there to sing dismal tunes.


And finally,

       In a rigid chair,

                a demoralized being sits,




3 thoughts on “The Phantom’s Lair

  1. Hi Zoie! I really enjoyed reading your post “The Phantom’s Lair.” I think you did a great job showing the abandoned lair. Your post was very interesting because you had great vocabulary. You payed attention to every detail. Great work! I can’t wait to read your future posts.


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